Stuffed Shoulder of Mutton

Épaule de Mouton farcie


Bone a shoulder of mutton, remove all unnecessary fat, and lard the top with four or five rows of lardons of fat bacon. Make a farce with four mutton kidneys skinned and cut into dice shapes, a quarter of a pound of raw lean bacon cut in the same way, half an onion chopped very fine, quarter of a pound of mutton suet, two good tablespoonfuls of chopped herbs, quarter of a pound of freshly made breadcrumbs, three whole eggs, and a little pepper and salt. Mix it well together, shape it into a long roll, wrap it in a large piece of pork caul, and lay it on the inside of the boned shoulder, which must be then rolled up like a galantine and sewed up underneath, and tied round here and there with string or tape. Place it in a stew-pan prepared for braising, and fry it in the braise for about twenty minutes with a buttered paper over; then add half a pint of good gravy or stock and put the cover on, set the pan in the oven and let the shoulder braise for two hours, keeping it well basted and adding more stock as the liquor in the pan reduces. Take it up, remove the strings &c., brush the joint over with warm glaze, put it on a baking tin, and set it in the oven to crisp the lardons and brown. Dish up and serve with brown onion sauce in the dish, and also in a sauceboat. When the string is removed fix the joint with hatelet skewers. The dish is much improved by being garnished with a macedoine of vegetables. Use up bones &c. as in recipes.