Hot Pot of Mutton


Take some neck or loin of mutton for this dish and cut it in cutlets, allowing one to each person; remove all unnecessary fat and skin from them, season well with pepper and salt, and place on each cutlet or chop three or four slices of raw mutton kidney, arrange them neatly in a greased pie dish so that they slightly overlap each other, sprinkle them with finely chopped eschalot and chopped parsley, and place one or two bearded oysters on the top of the kidney. Have some blanched potatoes cut in rounds about a quarter of an inch thick, stamp them out with a plain round cutter about two inches in diameter, then arrange these in coils all over the cutlets; pour into the dish the liquor from the oysters and half a pint of good gravy; break up in small pieces one ounce of butter and sprinkle on the potatoes, place a buttered paper over and stand the dish in a tin with a little boiling water underneath it; let it remain in the oven for about two hours, occasionally adding a little more gravy, then dish it on a dish-paper or napkin. Sprinkle a little finely chopped parsley and a few French capers over the top, and serve very hot. This is a nice dish for a relevé for luncheon, and also for sending out for shooting parties, and can be used instead of a joint for a small party. Game and poultry would also be good cooked in the same way, the birds, of course, being first boned and then cut up.