Haricot Mutton

Haricot de Mouton


Take about two pounds of the scrag or neck of mutton, remove all the unnecessary fat and bone, cut up the meat in neat pieces, and season with pepper and salt, and fry in a greased pan with six onions cut in dice shapes till a nice brown colour; then sprinkle over the meat a tablespoonful of flour, and mix it up with a spoon, cover over with cold water, let it come to the boil, occasionally skimming it, then put into the pan a bunch of herbs and simmer for about two to two and a half hours, then add a few cooked or tinned peas or French beans and button mushrooms, remove any fat from it and the bunch of herbs; dish up in a pile, and serve with it one or two carrots and turnips, which should be scooped in rounds about the size of a Spanish nut with a vegetable scoop (or, if this is not obtainable, the vegetables can be cut in olive shapes) and added to the pan about an hour before the meat is done. If small button onions are used, they should be blanched and added about the middle of the cooking.