Minced Mutton with Cucumber

Émincé de Mouton aux Concombres


Peel a cucumber and cut it up in slices about a quarter of an inch thick; put the slices in a basin and sprinkle them with a little salt, French vinegar, or lemon juice; let them remain for one hour, and then rinse them in cold water; put them into a stewpan with about half their quantity of lean ham cut in slices and stamped out in rounds, one ounce of butter, add enough stock to cover them, and cook steadily on the side of the stove till the cucumber is tender; strain off the gravy into a stewpan and boil it down till it is as thick as thick cream, then pour it over the slices of cucumber and ham and sprinkle with a very little finely chopped parsley. Take some cold mutton, either roast or boiled, and cut it up in little dice shapes; mix into it one and a half ounces of sifted flour for every half pound of the meat, with a very little salt and white pepper. Boil together for the same quantity of meat half a pint of stock, two tablespoonfuls of brown sauce and one finely chopped eschalot; after ten minutes’ boiling mix in the prepared minced mutton; let the whole re-boil, then dish up; take the cucumber and ham separateiy and garnish alternately round the mutton to form a border, pour round the thick gravy from which they were taken, and serve while hot.