Irish Stew

Gibelotte de Mouton: Etuvé à l’Irlandaise


The scrag end of the neck of mutton, say two and a half to three pounds, can be used for this dish: Cut up the meat in neat pieces and season with pepper and salt, put it into a greased stewpan with six or eight large onions cut up small, and fry for fifteen to twenty minutes (but if button onions are obtainable fry the meat separately and add the onions about one hour before serving), then sprinkle over it a tablespoonful of flour and cover it either with cold water or light stock, and add a large bunch of herbs, and simmer for about one and a half to two hours; within half an hour of the meat being cooked add two and a half to three dozen blanched olive potatoes, and season with a little pepper and salt; when cooked skim off the fat and dish the meat up in a pile, and arrange the onions and potatoes round and pour the gravy on the dish; sprinkle the potatoes with a little chopped parsley and serve.