Roast Chicken à l’Espagnole

Poulet rôti à l’Espagnole


Make a stuffing mixture as follows:—Chop up very fine twelve poultry or game livers, having first carefully removed the galls, and having blanched them by putting in cold water with a little salt, and just bringing it to the boil. If you cannot get these use half a pound of calf’s or sheep’s liver, two ounces of lean raw ham or bacon, one eschalot, sprig of thyme, two French gherkins, two bayleaves, all chopped fine, and a tablespoonful of chopped parsley, mixed all together; season with a little pepper and salt; put this mixture into a sauté pan with two ounces of butter, and fry for three or four minutes over a brisk fire, then well mix in a quarter of a pound of fresh white breadcrumbs and two raw yolks of egg, and stuff a cleansed chicken with it; truss it up as for roasting, and secure the ends; place it in a large piece of fresh pork caul, and rub it well over with dripping; place it on a baking-tin in a moderate oven for about twenty minutes, keeping it well basted, then brush it over with raw white of egg, and sprinkle it with finely chopped lean ham; put it back on the tin in the oven, with a greased paper just on the top; leave it there for about fifteen minutes. Dish up, and serve Espagnol sauce round it.