Poularde à la Crème


Choose a good fat poularde, draw and cleanse it. Prepare a stuffing with half a pound of finely chopped suet, half a pound of finely chopped ham, half a pound of breadcrumbs, two ounces of herbs (thyme, parsley, bayleaf, marjoram, and basil), season to taste with pepper, salt, little nutmeg, pinch of sugar and cayenne, mix all together with three raw yolks of eggs. Arrange this stuffing in the crop of the poularde, and truss it; pour some warm butter or clean dripping all over it, place it in the oven for about ten minutes, take it out and baste it all over again, then cover it with browned breadcrumbs. Take a slice of the fat of bacon about one eighth of an inch thick and sufficiently large to cover the whole of the breast, slit the bacon through in two or three rows as closely as possible in order to let the breast of the poularde brown and the bacon become dry and crisp. Cook for about thirty-five minutes in a quick oven. Dish up and serve very hot with a good creamy Veloute sauce round and some in a boat.