Poularde à l’Anvers


Have a fat poularde trussed for roasting, and the breast well larded with lardons of fat bacon; place it in a well greased paper, and roast or bake it for half to three quarters of an hour, according to size. About ten minutes before serving take up and remove the paper, and put the bird near the fire to get crisp, then remove the trussing strings and dish up on a hot dish. Garnish the poularde round with bunches of little fried forcemeat balls and a compote of apples, and serve with Espagnol sauce in a sauceboat. Hatelets may be used.

Compote of Apples

Peel the apples and cut them in small pieces, quarter shapes, trim them round and boil them in syrup till they are spongy; do not let them break.