Roast Turkey. Oyster Sauce

Dindonneau rôti. Sauce Huítres


Cleanse, singe and truss the turkey for roasting, stuff the body of the bird with a herb stuffing, and the crop of the bird with alternate layers of pork farce and purée of chestnuts. Cover the breast of the turkey with thin slices of cut bacon to keep it moist, and roast for about one and a quarter hours for a medium sized bird, keeping it well basted while cooking. When cooked, and of a nice brown colour, dish up and serve with oyster sauce in a boat and a purée of chestnuts in a vegetable dish. The trail of the turkey should be drawn through the crop, and the bird stuffed from that end.

Herb Stuffing

Take eight ounces of breadcrumbs, four ounces of chopped suet, two tablespoonfuls of chopped herbs (thyme, parsley, bayleaf, with a little basil and marjoram), little pepper, salt, and a dust of nutmeg and four eggs; mix all together, and make up into a ball and use.

Pork Farce

Cut up and pass twice through a mincing machine two pounds of good fresh pork, season it with pepper and salt and mix with it the liver of the turkey which has been chopped fine.

Chestnut Purée

Cut off the tops of two or three pounds of chestnuts, bake them for fifteen minutes, remove the skins, and put them in enough light stock to cover them, let them come to the boil, put a buttered paper on the top, and cook them till tender and dry; pass them through a fine wire sieve, mix in a pat of butter, a pinch of sugar, and a little liquid carmine, sufficient to make the farce a pale salmon colour; set aside some to serve in the vegetable dish; work the remainder up together, and use as directed above.