Turkey à la Chipolata

Dindonneau à la Chipolata


Cleanse and singe a nice turkey, draw the sinews from the legs, take off the-head and remove the breastbone; prepare three farces for it—namely, one of chestnuts and one of herbs, as in recipe for roast turkey, and one of pork sausage as below, reserving half a pound of the sausage farce for the chipolata garnish; make each into a roll, place them side by side, put them in the bird, sew up the bird where the skin was cut, and truss the turkey with a strong string or with skewers for roasting, rub it well over with clean fat, and cover over the breast with thin slices of slitted fat bacon; wrap the bird in a thin, well greased kitchen paper, and roast it for one to one and a half hours, according to the size of the bird, keeping it well basted; fifteen minutes before the end of the cooking, remove the paper and bacon, and let it take a nice golden colour; dish up and serve with chipolata garnishing placed in little bunches here and there round the bird, and hand a good Espagnol sauce in a sauceboat. The chipolata garnish can be mixed to form the bunches, or the different ingredients of it may be put in little bunches, separating them according to taste.

Pork Sausage Farce

Cut the fresh pork up in small pieces and pass it twice through a sausage machine, season with pepper, salt, and a teaspoonful of finely chopped sage, add the breadcrumbs, mix well together, put aside half a pound of the mixture to put in the chipolata garnish, roll up the remainder, and use.

Chipolata Garnish. Bottled Financière

Stand the bottle of Financière in the bain marie, let the liquid get hot, and use.

Braised Carrots and Turnips

Cooked separately, half a pint of each cut in rounds about the size of a Spanish nut. The carrots and turnips must be peeled and blanched; put an ounce of butter in a stewpan and fry the vegetables therein till lightly coloured, add a quarter of a pint of stock, and let them braise on the side of the stove; the carrots will require an hour’s braising, and the turnips about half an hour; more stock must be added as that in the pan reduces. When the vegetables are cooked, the stock in the pans should be of the consistence of thin cream. Add a tiny pinch of sugar, and keep them separately hot in the bain marie till required.

Little Sausages

Take the half pound of the sausage farce which was set aside and make it into little sausages with the thoroughly cleaned skins of pig’s belly, fry these for ten or twelve minutes, keeping constantly turned while frying in order that they may be a nice golden colour.