Venison Marinaded à la Baltique

Venaison marinée à la Baltique


Marinade the top of a leg of venison, say about ten to twelve pounds, for fourteen to twenty-one days, in the mixture given below, rubbing it well every other day with the marinade. When sufficiently pickled rinse it, dry it, and lard it well with thick lardons of fat bacon, tie it up with a tape, and put it in a stewpan with two ounces of butter, a few odd pieces of fat bacon, half a stick of celery, two carrots, four onions all sliced, bayleaf, thyme, and parsley; fry for half an hour, then add half a bottle of claret, and let it reduce to half the quantity, and add one pint of brown sauce and a quarter of a pound of red currant jelly, and let it all cook for about two and a half hours, adding more wine and sauce if needed. Just before it is ready to serve, take up the venison on a tin, brush it over with warm glaze and crisp the lardons in the oven, or if this is not hot enough use a salamander. Remove the fat from the liquor in which the venison has been cooked, and pass it with the vegetables through the tammy and serve it as sauce. If more sauce is required for the number of guests, add to it a little more claret and brown sauce, re-boil, and serve very hot. Garnish the venison with French plums which have been cooked in claret, in the proportion of half a pint to a pound of plums, for one hour, allowing three or four to each person. For the marinade for the venison take a tablespoonful of French mustard, half a tablespoonful of English ditto, one ounce of crushed peppercorns black and white, a salt-spoonful of pounded mace, half a pound of salt, half a nutmeg pounded, a saltspoonful of ground allspice, a tablespoonful of chutney, twelve pounded cloves, a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon, twelve bayleaves, three eschalots pounded and four good sprigs of thyme chopped fine, and mix all these ingredients with half a pound of brown sugar, and rub well into the venison as directed.