Roast Sucking Pig

Cochon de Lait rôti


Prepare a stuffing for the pig as follows:—Cut twelve thin slices of well buttered bread from a tin loaf, sprinkle each slice with very finely chopped sage leaves, season with white pepper and salt and a very little nutmeg, and place the slices one on the top of the other, and cut them across into four parts, then put them inside the pig, and on the top of the slices place a layer of sausage farce as given below, then fasten up the belly by means of a trussing needle and string; then brush the pig all over with salad oil and truss it up, wrap it in a double fold of kitchen paper that has been well oiled or steeped in warm butter, tie it up, and put it either to bake or roast for two and a half to three hours, according to the size of the pig, care being taken to keep it thoroughly basted while cooking. About half an hour before the cooking is complete remove the paper and brush the pig all over with thick cream, and return it to the fire to get a nice deep golden colour, and to get crisp; then cut off the head and split the back, lay the two halves of the pig on the dish with the head at the top. Serve with brown sauce and apple sauce in sauceboats, and hot currants on a napkin. The pig must be served very hot.

Sausage Farce

Pass two and a half pounds of fresh pork through a sausage machine twice, then season it with a teaspoonful of finely chopped sage and two minced eschalots; season with white pepper and salt, and a tiny dust of grated nutmeg; mix and use.

Currants for Pig

Wash the currants, dry them, and put them on a tin in the oven for about ten minutes, then dish up and use.