Boiled Leg of Pork

Gigot de Porc bouilli à l’Anglaise


Take a small leg of salted pork that has been in pickle for about six to ten days, remove the foot, rinse it in cold water, and let it lie in cold water for about two hours before cooking. Then dust it over with fine flour that has been sifted and tie it up in a nice clean cloth. Put it into a stewpan with enough cold water to cover it, bring gently to the boil, then skim and put the lid on the pan and let it simmer very gently, allowing twenty-five minutes to cook each pound of meat. When done take up and remove from the cloth, place a frill on the knuckle bone and garnish the dish with neatly cut cooked parsnips and little squares of boiled cabbages that have been pressed well in the sieve or cullender before being cut in shapes. Also serve peas pudding in a separate dish, to be handed. The liquor from the cooking will make good stock for pea soup.

Peas Pudding

Take two pounds of split peas which have been soaked for one day, well wash them and put them in a stewpan, cover with cold water, bring to the boil, then strain and wash well in cold water, return to the stewpan with three quarts of water, a dessertspoonful of salt, a pinch of white pepper, and a quarter of a pound of butter; bring to the boil, put a cover on the pan, and let it simmer on the side of the stove for about two and a half hours (keeping the peas occasionally stirred), when they should be perfectly tender and quite a purée; pass through the sieve, re-warm in the bain marie, dish up in a pile, and serve.