Roast Fillet of Pork. Robert Sauce

Filet de Porc rΓ΄ti. Sauce Robert


Take a nice small loin of fresh pork, chop the bone between each joint, score the skin closely, then season it with salad oil, a tablespoonful of chopped sage, two finely chopped peeled onions, two tablespoonfuls of lemon juice, and a little salt and mignonette pepper. Let it lie in this marinade for two hours; then take a well greased paper, run a skewer through the middle of the loin, and wrap it up in the paper with the seasoning. Roast or bake it for two hours allowing time for cooking each pound as in the recipe. Within half an hour of serving take off the paper and dust the pork over with browned breadcrumbs, and then return it to the fire to finish the cooking; dish up and remove the skewer, and serve with pickled cabbage and pickled onions, arranged in bunches on one side of the dish, and with Robert sauce in a sauceboat.

The marinade can be used over again for pork or veal cutlets, chops, &c.

Veal is excellent cooked in a similar manner.