Roast Leg of Pork with Apple Sauce

Gigot de Pore rôti. Sauce de Pommes


Take a small fresh leg of pork, remove the foot and score the skin very finely; then with a very sharp-pointed knife cut about four inches from the knuckle an incision into the lean part of the meat, holding the knife almost horizontally, so as to make a sort of pocket about an inch under the skin and extending inwards under the meat as far as the knife will reach and almost to the width of the joint. Fill this pocket with a stuffing made as follows: Cut up very finely three peeled onions, one and a half dozen sage leaves (fresh gathered if possible), two ounces of freshly made white breadcrumbs, half a saltspoonful of ground pepper, and a teaspoonful of salt. Mix up all together with two whole raw eggs, and put into the leg and use, sewing up the incision. Wrap up the leg in a well greased paper, and tie it over well with string, and roast or bake, allowing about twenty-five minutes for each pound. Half an hour before serving, take up, remove the paper, and put back to the fire to allow the skin to get a pretty brown colour and quite crisp; then dish up on a hot dish and remove the string from it. Serve with a good brown sauce round it and hot apple sauce in a sauceboat; a frill can be used if liked.

If the leg is preferred plainly roasted, prepare it in the same way, without the stuffing, and serve with it sage and onion sauce in a boat; also apple and the brown sauce as in recipe for sucking pig.