Boiled Hara with Spinach and Champagne Sauce

Jambon aux Epinards. Sauce Champagne


Soak the ham in cold water for about twelve hours before cooking, occasionally changing the water; then pare off the underpart and saw the knuckle off evenly; tie the ham up in a clean cloth and cook it in boiling water for about two and a half to three hours, according to the size of the ham, allowing twenty minutes’ very gentle boiling to each pound of ham. When cooked remove the cloth and the skin, excepting round the knuckle, and trim the fat neatly. Lay it in a stewpan or a deep baking dish and pour over it a small half bottle of champagne, then brush the ham over with thin glaze, and place in the oven to get quite crisp and brown. Keep basting it with the champagne, and when the ham has absorbed the liquid, dish it on a hot disk and serve.

Serve with a purée of spinach in a separate dish and champagne sauce in a sauceboat.