Quails with Watercress

Cailles au Cresson


When the birds are picked and singed, draw them by making an opening at the back of the neck and removing the head with the neckbone and crop, the trail may be removed or not as preferred; truss the birds for roasting, rub them all over with a little warm butter, place a nice fresh vineleaf on the breast of each bird, and cover each over with a thin square slice of fat bacon, fasten this over the breast by means of a string attached to the trussing skewer; several birds can be arranged on the same skewer; roast or bake from ten to twelve minutes, basting well (with butter is best). When cooked, remove the skewer and strings, leave the vineleaf and bacon on, dish each bird on a little croรปton of fried bread, garnish with watercress or watercress salad, and hand in separate sauceboats browned breadcrumbs and a good gravy.