Roast Rabbit

Lapin rôti


Skin and prepare the rabbit for roasting as in the recipe for hare, with or without the bacon, and roast before a brisk fire for about thirty minutes, basting it well during the roasting with the following: Take two ounces of warm butter or dripping, one ounce of finely chopped beef suet, one ounce of browned breadcrumbs, one and a half gills of cream or milk, two raw yolks of egg, a tablespoonful of finely chopped parsley, one chopped bayleaf, two finely chopped eschalots, a little pepper and salt, and the juice of a lemon, mix all together and use. When the rabbit is sufficiently cooked dish it up and remove the trussing skewers &c., and garnish it with watercress or salad, and serve a sauce made as below in a sauceboat.

Sauce for the Rabbit

Take half a pint of Veloute sauce and mix with it the blanched and finely chopped liver of the rabbit having first removed the gall, pour off the fat from the mixture used for the basting, and mix the remainder with the sauce and chopped liver, add a dessertspoonful of tarragon vinegar, and a dust of cayenne pepper, boil up and use.