Truffled Pheasant

Faisan aux Truffes


Take a well hung fat pheasant, pick it carefully so as not to break the skin, singe it, split the skin at the back of the neck, and remove the neckbone, head and crop, then draw up the entrails through the neckhole and bone the bird as far as the bottom of the breast, season it inside with finely chopped eschalot, pepper and salt, and stuff it with a farce prepared as below, and fasten up the opening and truss it for roasting; place a piece of slitted fat bacon on the breast, wrap it up in a well greased paper, and roast or bake it for forty-five to fifty minutes, keeping it thoroughly basted during the cooking. When cooked, remove the paper, strings, skewers, and the slitted bacon, and dish on a hot dish, and serve over it champagne sauce to which a few shredded or minced truffles have been added.

Farce, for Truffled Pheasant

Take three quarters of a pound of fat and lean fresh pork or bacon, and half a pound of lean veal or other white meat, pound together in the mortar till quite smooth, and then pass it through a wire sieve and mix with it a pound of cleansed fresh or bottled truffles chopped fine (using the liquor as well of bottled), and a glass of Madeira or sherry; season with cayenne pepper, salt, and a chopped eschalot, and use.