Stuffed Partridges. Poivrade Sauce

Perdreaux farcis. Sauce Poivrade


Pick, singe, and cleanse the partridges and truss them as for roasting, then stuff them with a stuffing prepared as below, and brush them over with warm dripping or butter, place a piece of thinly cut, slitted fat bacon on the breast, and roast before a brisk fire, or cook in a hot oven for about fifteen minutes, keeping them well basted, then when done, take up, place each bird on a fried crouton that has been spread with fresh butter and sprinkled over with chopped parsley and chopped eschalot, and a little sprinkling of cayenne pepper, garnish the birds with any nice salad, and serve with them Poivrade sauce in a boat.

Stuffing for the Partridges

Take for three birds twelve small game livers, blanch them and chop them up fine, and add to them a teaspoonful of chopped capers, one chopped eschalot, four ounces of raw fat and lean bacon that has been pounded and rubbed through a wire sieve, a little black pepper and salt, two ounces of bread that has been steeped in two tablespoonfuls of warm cream and one whole raw egg, mix well together, and use.