Quail à la Gastronome

Caille à la Gastronome


Take the trail from the quail, chop it fine, and mix it with about its bulk of finely chopped fat bacon, and one eschalot, a saltspoonful together of thyme, parsley, and bayleaf, all chopped fine together, season with a little pepper and salt, and a dessertspoonful of breadcrumbs, bone and stuff the bird with this, and sew it up; place a piece of fat, thinly cut bacon on the breast, and roast or bake for about twelve minutes, basting it with a little fresh butter. Place a piece of toast under the bird to catch the gravy dropping from it. When the bird is cooked, put the gravy from it into a wineglass of white wine in a pan, and boil up with a quarter of an ounce of glaze; strain, remove the fat, and serve in a sauce-boat. Dish the bird on the toast, and have watercress salad handed and lemon cut in quarters, or garnish the dish with these.