Quails à la Souvaroff

Cailles à la Souvaroff


Pick and cleanse some quails and, if small, cut them in halves, if large, in joints; then take a Souvaroff jar and put the quails in it, packing the portions closely together. Strew over them some sliced truffles, and add similar layers till the jar is nearly full, then cover entirely with sherry or Madeira, and place the cover on the jar; cut a band of foolscap paper sufficiently large to go round, make a good thick paste with half a white of egg and a little flour, sufficient to make it into a stiff paste, add a few drops of liquid saffron to colour it, and then with this paste fix the band of paper round the edges of the jar and cover; put the jar in a stewpan or tin containing boiling water to about three quarters of the depth of the jar, put a paper all over it, and stand it in a moderate oven for about half an hour, then take up and serve hot or cold. If the quails are to be served hot, remove the paper and pin a napkin, folded in the shape of a band, round the jar, and stand it on a dish on a napkin or dish-paper. If the quails are to be served cold, it is best to leave the paper round the jar, and remove it just before the dish is sent to table. Any kind of game or poultry can be used instead of quails, and if large birds are used they should be first boned and then cut up. This dish can be used as an entrée, and for second course, or for luncheon, breakfast, or any cold collation.