Roast Baron of Hare

Râble de Lièvre rôti


Skin and cleanse the hare and wipe it with a dry cloth, take off the head to the end of the neck, and the fore legs, and chop off the hind legs through the thighs, level with the body. These parts can be used up for a civet of hare or hare soup. Make a herb farce with two ounces of freshly made white breadcrumbs, one good tablespoonful of freshly chopped herbs (such as parsley, thyme, basil, and marjoram), one and a half ounces of finely chopped beef suet, a little pepper and salt and cayenne pepper, mix well together with two whole eggs until worked up into a ball; place this inside the hare, sew it up, remove the outer skin from the back, and lard all over the fillets and the tops of the legs closely with fat bacon, truss the hare as for roasting, wrap it in a well greased paper, tie it up, and roast it before a brisk fire, keeping it well basted for fifteen to twenty minutes, remove the paper, crisp the lardons in front of the fire, dish up, remove the trussing strings, place it on a hot dish, and garnish with tomato and watercress salad, and serve green gooseberry sauce in a sauceboat.