Slices of Ox tongue à la Monaco

Tranches de Langue de Bœuf à la Monaco


Take some thin slices of cooked ox tongue and stamp out rounds with a cutter about two inches in diameter, put these in a sauté pan in a little stock lightly flavoured with sherry; when they are quite hot dish up each slice on a croûton of fried bread that is covered with a purée of fresh mushrooms, on the centre of the tongue place a slice of marrow prepared as below. Put half a pint of thick brown sauce into the sauté pan with the liquor in which the tongue was warmed, add to it half an ounce of glaze, boil up, then add a teaspoonful of English and French mustard, tammy and serve up very hot round the croûtons, which are to be nicely arranged on a hot dish.—N.B. The sauce must not be boiled after the mustard is added, or it will curdle.

Blanched and Devilled Marrow

Blanch the marrow and cut it in slices about a quarter of an inch thick, mask it with devil paste, and sprinkle it over with a few browned breadcrumbs; place on a baking tin on a piece of foolscap paper, and cook in a quick oven for four or five minutes.