Little Cases of Lobster au Gratin

Petites Caisses de Homard au Gratin


Make half a pint of thick Bechamel sauce and add to it half a teaspoonful of essence of anchovy, a tiny dust of cayenne, if liked, and the live spawn of the lobster, pounded with an ounce of butter till quite smooth, or a little of Marshall’s liquid carmine may be used if the spawn is not to be had; stir the whole over the fire till it boils, pass it through the tammy, and mix with it a tablespoonful of thick cream. Cut up a small cooked lobster in little dice shapes, add these and a pinch of finely chopped parsley to the above sauce, and nearly fill the little red-edged soufflé cases, oiled and dried, with the mixture; put a few browned breadcrumbs on each, and a tiny piece of butter; place the cases on a tin, and put them in the oven for about twelve or fifteen minutes. Dish on a dish-paper or napkin, garnish with green parsley sprigs, and serve.