Little Lobster Soufflés à l’Adeline

Petits Soufflés de Homard à l’Adeline


Take six ounces of lobster, four washed and boned anchovies, one tablespoonful of anchovy essence, two tablespoonfuls of thick cream, one ditto of mayonnaise sauce, a saltspoonful of Marshall’s liquid carmine, and a dust of cayenne pepper; pound the lobster and the anchovies till smooth, then add the remaining ingredients and three quarters of a pint of cool aspic jelly, then rub it all through the tammy or fine hair sieve, and whip it till nearly cold; add two tablespoonfuls of stiffly whipped cream, one large tablespoonful of mayonnaise sauce, and four large tablespoonfuls of cooked lobster that is cut in little dice shapes, and a pinch of finely chopped parsley, or tarragon and chervil; have some little paper or china cases surrounded with higher paper, and then fill up the cases with the above mixture, using a forcing bag and large plain pipe for the purpose. If you have an ice cave, have it lightly charged with ice and a little salt; stand the little soufflés in it for about three quarters of an hour; they must not be allowed to get hard: when they are ready to serve, remove the bands of paper, and ornament the top of each little soufflé with mayonnaise aspic and a little sprig of tarragon in the centre. Dish them on a dish-paper, and serve with little shreds of crisp lettuce in the centre. The above quantity will make enough for fourteen cases. If you have no ice cave, put them in a tin on ice.