Croûtes à la Genève


Cut out some round croûtons about two inches in diameter, from slices of stale bread about a quarter of an inch thick, and fry them as in the recipe till a pretty golden colour, arrange them en couronne on the dish on which they are to be served, and put a nice slice of hot blanched marrow on each of the croûtes. Break three whole eggs in a basin, add one chopped eschalot, a teaspoonful of chopped parsley, pinch of pepper and salt, three tablespoonfuls of cream and one ounce of butter broken up in little pieces; mix well together and stir over the fire in a saucepan till the mixture thickens, then add a quarter of a pound of fat and lean bacon or ham which has been cut in tiny dice shapes and fried till crisp, then strained; pour the whole over the croûtes in the dish, sprinkle over a little chopped parsley, and serve at once.