Little Salads à la Progrès

Petites Salades à la Progrès


Prepare a purée of salsify, as below, take some little square paper cases and fill them with it, put them away to get cold, make as many little timbales of vegetables as you have paper cases of salsify, and place one in the centre of each on the salsify, garnish round the timbales with little pieces of green mayonnaise, cut in triangular shapes; these are also nice as a luncheon or supper dish.

Purée of Salsifies

Wash and peel one pound of salsifies, and cut them in lengths of about an inch; put them in salt and water with the juice of a lemon till they are to be cooked (this is important, or they will turn a dark colour), then put them into boiling water, seasoned with a little salt and lemon juice, and let them boil for one and a half to two hours; strain and press them and rub them through a fine wire or coarse hair sieve, and to every four tablespoonfuls of the purée add one of thick mayonnaise sauce, one tablespoonful of stiffly whipped cream, and a quarter of a pint of aspic jelly whilst liquid; mix all together and when cold use. This quantity is enough for eight to ten cases.

Timbales for Little Salads à la Progrès

Line some little bombe or dariol moulds with aspic jelly very thinly, then place about a teaspoonful of macedoine of cooked vegetables in each, and fill up with liquid aspic jelly; let these set, then dip them in hot water and turn out. The prepared macedoine in tins is the simplest to use for this.