Chicken Salad à la Hanson

Salade de Volaille à la Hanson


Take some cold fowl and cut it into neat oval fillets about one eighth of an inch thick, and smoothly spread over one side of them a mixture made with two tablespoonfuls of chopped capers, four hard boiled yolks of egg rubbed through a wire sieve, two ounces of cooked and chopped chicken, pinch of chopped tarragon and chervil, and four anchovies boned, filleted, and passed through a sieve; carefully stir these ingredients into two teaspoonfuls of thick mayonnaise sauce and a quarter of a pint of aspic jelly till the whole is nearly set, and then use; mask over the mixture on the fillets with mayonnaise aspic and place the fillets on a tin or dish, garnish the masking with shreds of French gherkin and tongue or ham, and set the garnish with a little aspic jelly to keep it in its place. Line a nest-shaped mould with aspic jelly to one eighth of an inch thick, arrange round the bottom of the mould a border of olives which have been turned and farced with a fillet of anchovy and garnished round with shreds of gherkin and tongue; a little aspic jelly will be required to set the garnish round the olives and also to set the olives themselves in the mould; place the prepared fillets neatly round the mould so that they slightly overlap, and fix them in their places with a little aspic; mix about four tablespoonfuls of mayonnaise aspic with four tablespoonfuls of cucumber cut in pea shapes and cooked till tender, four tablespoonfuls of each of cooked or tinned peas and French beans, the latter being cut up into small pieces; colour with a little apple green and fill up the mould with this salad and put it aside to set till firm; to turn it out, dip the mould in warm water for a second and turn on to a cold dish in the usual way; garnish with chopped aspic, and here and there sprigs of chervil. Serve also as a luncheon or supper dish.