Salad à la Nuremburg

Salade à la Nuremburg


Take some well washed crisp lettuce or endive, pick it in little pieces, and dry it in a clean cloth, have some celery, cooked beetroot, and peeled cucumber cut in strips like Julienne about one and a quarter inches long, and keep the celery in cold water till quite crisp; take some cold cooked chicken, or any kind of game or poultry, and fillets of anchovy, and Spanish olives, also cut up in strips; place all these on a dish or in a salad bowl, season with a sprinkling of mignonette pepper and a little salt, chopped eschalot, tarragon, and chervil, pour over a salad dressing prepared as below, and mix all up together, then sprinkle with a few shreds of French red chillies and gherkin and hard boiled yolk of egg that has been rubbed through a wire sieve, and round the bottom of the dish (if a flat one) place little bunches of beetroot. Serve also as a luncheon dish, or for any cold collation.

Dressing for Salad a la Nuremburg

Put two raw yolks of eggs into a basin with a saltspoonful of salt, and the same of French mustard and English mustard, work together with a wooden spoon, and add by degrees a quarter of a pint of salad oil, and then mix with it one tablespoonful of tarragon vinegar and a pinch of castor sugar, and a quarter of a pint of stiffly whipped cream, and use.