Salad à l’Adeline

Salade à l’Adeline


Cut some celery in lengths of about an inch, and then into fine shreds, keep it in water until perfectly crisp; then have some peeled cucumbers, radishes, and tomatoes cut in the same way, and put some picked leaves of tarragon and chervil in cold water till wanted for use. Have some salsifies, when in season, or cooked artichoke bottoms cleaned and cut in lengths of about an inch, and cook until tender, then put to drain on a sieve, and when ready for use mix with a little salad oil and tarragon vinegar; pile them up in the centre of a silver dish, and then arrange the other vegetables seasoned similarly to the salsifies round so as to form a border; pour an iced tomato mayonnaise round the base of the salad, and sprinkle all over with the picked tarragon and chervil and a little chopped eschalot. This is an excellent dish either for luncheon or second course, or any cold collation.

Tomato Mayonnaise

Mix together one large tablespoonful of tomato sauce, one largo tablespoonful of mayonnaise sauce, and rather better than a quarter of a pint of aspic jelly; tammy and use.