Little Salads à la Viennoise

Petites Salades à la Viennoise


Cut some brown bread and butter about a quarter of an inch thick, and then cut it out with a plain round cutter about the size of half-a-crown; have a purée prepared of either veal, rabbit, chicken, or any kind of game or poultry, thus:—Take two ounces of the meat, one large tablespoonful of Bechamel sauce, one ounce of fresh butter, half a saltspoonful of salt, a tiny pinch of white pepper, two hard boiled yolks of eggs, and a dessertspoonful of tarragon vinegar; pound these together, and then, when quite smooth, pass through a fine wire sieve, add a saltspoonful (together) of finely chopped tarragon and chervil; mix well, and then take a forcing bag and pipe (a large rose pipe is the best), pass the purée through on to the brown bread and butter; make it stand about half an inch thick on the bread, then cut some thin slices of tongue or ham and stamp them out with a plain round cutter in a smaller size than the bread; press this on the top and in the centre of the chicken purée, and then, in the centre of the tongue, place about a teaspoonful of tomato salad and a little sprig of tarragon and chervil. Dish on a dish paper or napkin.

Tomato Salad

Peel the raw tomatoes and remove all the pips, cut them in little dice shapes, and to three good sized tomatoes add a dessertspoonful of salad oil, a saltspoonful of tarragon vinegar, and a pinch of salt; mix all together and add one or two small truffles that are finely chopped.