Mushrooms with Marrow

Champignons à la Moelle


Peel and well wash and dry some fresh mushrooms, season with a little pepper, salt, chopped parsley, chopped eschalot, and a tablespoonful of good gravy; put the mushrooms in a well buttered sauté pan with a buttered paper over them, and cook them on the side of the stove or in a moderate oven for about fifteen minutes, keeping them well basted while cooking. Put into a stewpan two or three tablespoonfuls of brown sauce, half an eschalot, a tablespoonful of sherry or mushroom liquor, and half an ounce of glaze, let it boil up, then add some pieces of blanched beef marrow cut in slices about a quarter of an inch thick, but do not let the sauce boil after the marrow is added or it will become oily. Fry some little rounds of white bread till a nice golden colour, place a mushroom on each, and dish them in a round like cutlets on a very hot dish; mix together the sauce and the liquor from the cooked mushrooms, and pour this over the mushrooms, and place a slice of marrow on each. This dish must be served very hot for breakfast or second course.