Fritot of Kidney à l’Américaine

Fritot de Rognon à l’Américaine


Take three mutton or pork kidneys and remove the skins and cores, and cut them up in little square pieces; warm half an ounce of butter in a pan, add half a very finely chopped eschalot, pinch of white pepper and a little salt, a teaspoonful of chopped parsley, one ounce of raw lean ham or bacon minced fine, six or eight turned and chopped olives and the kidneys, and fry all together over a quick fire for about three minutes; turn it into a strainer, let the fat run off and mix the other ingredients with half a pint of thick brown sauce prepared as under, and let it all get cold. For each fritot take about a teaspoonful of the mixture and roll it into a ball, and wrap it in a piece of cleansed pork caul just sufficient to hold it, dip the fritots into frying batter and fry them in clean boiling fat for about three to four minutes, when they should be a nice golden colour; take up and let the fat drain off; sprinkle one third of the number of fritots with finely chopped parsley, one third with finely chopped cooked tongue, and one third with hard boiled yolk of egg that has been rubbed through a wire sieve; arrange them tastefully in a pile on a dish-paper and serve hot. These may also be served for luncheon.

Thick Brown Sauce for the above

Fry together two ounces of butter and two ounces of flour, add half a pint of good brown stock and stir over the fire till it boils, then mix with it two raw yolks of eggs and stir again over the fire till it thickens, wring it through the tammy and use as above.