Prawns à la Princesse de Galles

Crevettes à la Princesse de Galles


Line the nest mould with aspic jelly about one eighth of an inch thick, cut out by means of a plain round cutter the purée of shrimps prepared as below in rounds about the size of a shilling piece, and arrange these up the sides of the mould, allowing three rounds to each line; between these lines place little thin strips of French gherkin, some of which also place on the top of the mould; set this with aspic jelly, then fill up the centre with the mayonnaise mixture; when cold, dip the mould into hot water, pass a clean cloth over the bottom to absorb any moisture, then turn out on to a dish, and form a border with chopped aspic jelly; garnish round the border alternately little thin rings of scalloped cucumber and large prawns (see engraving), arrange the top of the mould similarly, and serve for second course or for a cold collation, or in the fish course.

Purée of Shrimps

Pound a quarter of a pound of picked shrimps with four boned anchovies, one large tablespoonful of thick Bechamel sauce, one tablespoonful of salad oil, half a tablespoonful of tarragon vinegar, a little of Marshall’s liquid carmine, and a little cayenne pepper; when pounded, pass through the tammy or fine hair sieve with a good half pint of aspic jelly, and put it into a sauté pan to get cold; then cut out as described above.

Mixture for Centre of Mould

Take three ounces of cooked lobster and a quarter of a pint of picked shrimps, and chop these together till fine; add a teaspoonful of chopped tarragon and chervil, or parsley, eight or twelve small stoned and chopped olives, and two peeled tomatoes from which the pips have been removed; cut in dice shapes, mix all together with two tablespoonfuls of thick mayonnaise sauce and two and a half gills of liquid aspic jelly; continue stirring till the mixture begins to set, then use.