Prepare some Nouille paste with half a pound of flour, &c., roll it out as thin as half-a-crown, keeping it well floured while so doing, and cut it out in rounds about one and a half inches in diameter, lay the rounds out on a slab, and well wet the upper surface of half the number with cold water by means of a paste brush. Place a little ball of the farce prepared as below, about the size of a Spanish nut, on each of the wetted rounds; then take a dry round and place it on the top of a wetted one; keep your fingers well floured, and press the edges of these rounds of paste together. Have ready a pan of boiling water, lightly seasoned with salt, and carefully put in the prepared raviolis. This will reduce the temperature of the water; bring it quickly again to the boil, and then draw the pan to the edge of the stove, and let the contents simmer for about twenty minutes. Afterwards carefully raise them with a slice on to a hair sieve, and let them drain well. Then place them in layers in a deep dish, well buttered, pouring over each layer a good tomato sauce. When the dish is full, cover the top over with more sauce, and sprinkle it with a few browned breadcrumbs, and a few tiny pieces of butter dropped here and there to prevent the top drying. Place the dish so prepared in a tin containing boiling water, in a quick oven for about fifteen minutes, and serve hot. This can be served as a luncheon dish, or as a second course dish, with grated Parmesan handed. The raviolis can also be served (after being plainly boiled as above) in soup, for β€˜potage au raviolis,’ but they should be made about half the size of the above, and Parmesan should be handed as in the second course dish.

Farce, for Raviolis

Take a quarter of a pound of chicken or game, one and a half ounces of tongue or ham, cut these up in little cubes with edges about one tenth of an inch (half of the brains of a calf, blanched and similarly cut, will be an improvement, but are not a necessary ingredient); mix with this two tablespoonfuls of grated Parmesan cheese and about half a teaspoonful of finely chopped parsley. Season very lightly with salt and pepper and a very slight dust of nutmeg, and stir all these together with three raw yolks of eggs, then use.