Potato Cases with Brains

Caisses de Pommes de Terre aux Cervelles


Peel some rather large potatoes, wash them well and cut them in halves lengthways, on the flat of each half about one eighth of an inch from the edge cut round with a pointed knife, and with a vegetable scoop remove the inside of the potato so as to form a sort of cup about one eighth of an inch thick; the halves should all be trimmed to the same oval size before forming the cases; put each case as it is made into a basin of cold-water with a little salt, when a sufficient number are formed take them up and rub each of them with a perfectly dry clean cloth, then put them into clean boiling fat to cook till they feel tender, which will take about three to four minutes, then take them up, let the fat re-boil, and just before serving drop the cases in the boiling fat to crisp them; when nice and crisp arrange on the ends of each case a slice of blanched hot calf’s or sheep’s brains and a slice of cooked tomato, and between the slices in the centre of the case put about a teaspoonful of tarragon sauce, sprinkle over these a few picked leaves of chervil and two or three long thin strips of French gherkin, dish up en couronne on a dish-paper, and serve very hot.