Risot à la Napolitaine


Take six large onions, peel and cut them up in very tiny dice shapes, put them into a stewpan with six ounces of butter or fat, and fry them till a pretty golden colour, then put with them three quarters of a pound of blanched Patna rice, and one quart of good flavoured stock, and half a pint of good tomato sauce, a piece of cinnamon, two cloves, and a blade of mace tied up in a bunch of herbs (thyme, bayleaf, parsley); watch the stock come to the boil with the rice and then put a well buttered paper over, cover the pan down and let the rice simmer gently on the side of the stove for about three quarters of an hour, occasionally stirring or well shaking up the pan, and adding during the cooking about half a pint more stock that is coloured with live spawn or carmine; the grains of rice should be quite separate when cooked, then mix with if; four ounces of grated Parmesan cheese and two ounces of warm butter with a tiny dust of cayenne pepper, let it remain on the side of the stove till the cheese has melted; turn it out on to a hot dish, and garnish round with cooked crayfish or sliced lobster, or any nice pieces of fish left from a previous meal, also button mushrooms and truffle if liked.