Iced Cream with Foie Gras à la Caneton

Crème glacée au Foie Gras à la Caneton


Take one and a half pints of cream and season it with a pinch of cayenne pepper and a little salt; mix with it three quarters of a pint of liquid aspic jelly and freeze in the freezing machine until the mixture is setting, then line the duck mould with it, colouring a small portion with a little of Marshall’s apricot yellow to represent the beak of the bird; when the mould is lined, fill up the centre with the contents of a jar or tin of pâté de foie gras from which the fat has been removed, then close up the mould and put it into the charged ice cave or in a mixture of ice and salt to freeze for about one hour; if placed in ice and salt the joints of the mould should be luted with dripping to prevent the brine entering; when frozen dip the mould into cold water and turn out the duck on to a bed of chopped aspic jelly and garnish it round with little eggs, made by putting a portion of the cream and foie gras in small egg moulds and freezing them similarly to the duck, and little blocks of cut jelly and sprigs of picked chervil. If you have glass eyes for the duck they give it a finished appearance. Serve for an entree or second course dish, or for any cold collation. The same mould may be used for a large variety of different dishes.