Timbale of Foie Gras à la Bourgeoise

Timbale de Foie Gras à la Bourgeoise


Take a plain round Charlotte mould and line it about one eighth of an inch thick with aspic jelly, and garnish it with some cooked peas and carrots and turnips, that are cut out with a small pea cutter and plainly boiled, arrange these in rows round the mould, first carrot, then turnip and peas, and so on; when the mould is quite covered with the rows set them with more aspic jelly till it is about a quarter of an inch thick. Have the contents of a tin of pâté de foie gras turned out on a plate, remove the fat from it, and mask it over with a good brown chaudfroid sauce, making the masking about a quarter of an inch thick, and using the sauce when it is beginning to set, then put the foie gras into the prepared mould and fill it with aspic jelly, let it set, and when firm dip the mould into hot water, turn out on to a dish, garnish it with chopped aspic and bunches of the same cut vegetables as used in the mould, seasoning them with a little salad oil and tarragon vinegar.