Tomatoes à la Française

Tomates à la Française


Take some small ripe tomatoes, cut out the core and remove all the pips, skin the outsides, then season the insides with a little salad oil and tarragon vinegar, a little pepper and salt, and chopped eschalot. Have about six well washed and boned anchovies shredded, and the cooked breast of a chicken also shredded, and fill up the tomatoes with these shreds. Take some hard boiled eggs that have been cooked for seven minutes, cut these in round slices about a quarter of an inch thick, mask them with chopped tarragon and chervil or parsley; place a little shredded crisp lettuce on the dish, and place the slices of egg on the lettuce, and a tomato on the top of each slice of egg. Serve for a second course dish or, if arranged in small quantities and served on small plates or paper, as a hors-d’œuvre.