Grilled Chicken, Tartare Sauce

Poulet grillé, Sauce Tartare


Take a plucked chicken, singe it and cut it partly down the back and remove all the bones except that just at the bottom part of the back, draw out the sinews from the thighs, trim the feet and legs, scald them, peel off the outer skin, and place them in the thighs and skewer up the fowl for cooking. Butter a pan and place the bird in it, put a peeled potato within the breast of the bird to give it a plump appearance, brush it all over with warm butter and grill for about twenty minutes, occasionally basting it with the butter in the tin; then take it up and brush it all over with whole egg beaten up and dip it in browned breadcrumbs, place a few little pieces of butter here and there on the top of the breast and grill for five to ten minutes more; then dish it up, remove the potato, and garnish with clear mixed pickles, chutney, and crisp watercress, and serve Tartare sauce in a sauceboat. The watercress should be carefully picked and kept in cold water till about to be used, when it should be seasoned with a little salad oil and tarragon vinegar. If there is no convenience for grilling, put the fowl for the same time and manner in a moderate oven. This dish is also excellent when cold.