Pick and singe the chicken, split it down the back with a sharp knife through the bone, remove the trail and cleanse the bird, cut off the feet and first joints of the legs and the head and neck, season the inside of the bird well with pepper and salt, finely chopped eschalot, parsley, thyme, and bayleaf; arrange the bird in a flat form and skewer it with two skewers, brush it over with warm butter, and put it in a hanging grill in front of the fire and cook for about twelve minutes, keeping it well basted; then take it up and sprinkle it well over with lightly browned breadcrumbs, return it to the grill, and cook again for about ten minutes; take it up, remove the skewers, and dish on a hot dish, and serve with it in a boat Tartare, Piquant, or other sharp sauce. This can be served as a second course dish. Pheasant, partridge, &c., can be served the same way.