Compote of Partridge

Perdreau en Compote


Pick and cleanse the bird, truss it for braising, and lard the breast with lardons of bacon, put it in a buttered stewpan with a piece of carrot, one or two onions, in each of which stick two cloves, a piece of turnip and celery, a bunch of herbs such as thyme, parsley, and bayleaf, and six or eight peppercorns; cover with a buttered paper, put the lid on the stewpan and fry all together for about fifteen minutes, then add a quarter of a pint of good stock, place the pan in the oven, and let the bird braise for about an hour, keeping it well basted while cooking, and adding more stock as that in the pan reduces; then take up, brush it over with a little warm glaze, and put it again in the oven on a baking tin to crisp; then dish up, and garnish with braised carrots, onions, turnips, peas, and cauliflower (if in season), or artichoke bottoms and picked parsley, or tarragon and chervil; strain the gravy the bird was cooked in, remove the fat, and reduce it with a little more good brown gravy, and serve either round the dish or in a sauceboat.

Vegetables for Garnishing the Partridge

Cut the vegetables in any pretty design you please, and put them into cold water with a little salt; just bring them to the boil, then strain them, and put each of the different kinds of vegetable into separate stewpans with a little butter, and fry them lightly for about ten minutes; then cover them with stock, and cook them till tender on the side of the stove.