Curried Pheasant à la Pondicherry, Cold

Faisan en Kari à la Pondicherry froid


Pick, cleanse, and singe the pheasant and cut it up into neat joints; put into a stewpan two ounces of butter, four sliced onions, two bayleaves chopped very fine or pounded, two sprigs of thyme, two Jamaica peppercorns, a saltspoonful of mignonette pepper, a teaspoonful of pounded coriander seed, half a saltspoonful of cumin seed, half a saltspoonful of turmeric powder; add the pieces of pheasant and fry all together for about fifteen minutes, then mix well in two tablespoonfuls of creme de riz and cover the whole with about one quart of well flavoured stock, the juice of two lemons, a pinch of salt, a tablespoonful of tamarinds, and two green capsicums, bring to the boil, and let this simmer gently on the side of the stove for half an hour, removing any fat as it rises. When cooked take up the pieces of meat and pass the other ingredients through the tammy cloth for the sauce and pour a little of it over the pieces of pheasant. When the meat is cold dish it up in a border of boiled rice neatly piled up on the dish, and on the rice serve prepared French plums arranged in four triangular bunches, as in the engraving; pour more of the sauce over the meat, and any remaining may be served in a sauceboat. This dish may also be served hot.

French Plums for Curry

Boil three quarters of a pound of French plums or prunes with two ounces of loaf sugar in enough cold water to cover them for one hour; take them up, and if the dish is to be served cold, put them on the ice to get very cold, and use.