Châteaubriand Steak and Fried Potatoes

Châteaubriand, aux Pommes de Terre frites


Cut the fillet of beef one and a half to two inches thick; trim off all unnecessary fat and skin; season with salt, pepper, and salad oil, and let it lie in the seasoning for at least one hour before cooking; then put it on oiled straws, between two thin slices from the neck of beef, which can afterwards be used up in other ways, and cook for twelve or fifteen minutes over a bright fire; then dish up, and serve with fried potatoes, and a sauce prepared thus:—Put a wineglassful of white wine into a stewpan; then mix into it one ounce of glaze and four good tablespoonfuls of brown sauce; boil up together, and add by degrees two ounces of fresh butter, working it in bit by bit; when the butter has dissolved mix in a teaspoonful of chopped parsley and half the juice of a lemon, and a tiny pinch of castor sugar; pour over the fillet, and serve at once. The fillet is best when grilled.