Porterhouse Steak



Cut a slice about one and a half inches thick from the top of a well hung sirloin of beef, season it with pepper, salt, and salad oil, and broil for fifteen minutes, dish up on a hot dish and serve very hot with horseradish sauce round it; made as below.

Hot Horseradish Sauce

Fry together in a stewpan two ounces of butter and two ounces of flour without discolouring them, then mix in half a pint of good flavoured chicken stock and half a gill of cream and stir together till it boils, then add the juice of one lemon and two raw yolks of eggs, and stir over the fire again till it thickens, but do not let it boil, add a teaspoonful of mixed English mustard, wring it through the tammy, add a tablespoonful of French vinegar, a dust of castor sugar, and four large tablespoonfuls of freshly grated horseradish, mix well and use.