Rump Steak à la Polonaise

Bifteck à la Polonaise


Take a piece of well hung rump of beef, cut a steak from it about two inches thick and season it well with ground ginger, salt, chopped eschalot, and salad oil or warm butter, let it remain in the seasoning for about one hour, then place it in a grill and grill or broil it for fifteen to twenty minutes according to the thickness, dish on a hot flat dish and garnish with a fritot of artichoke bottoms and boiled cauliflower and asparagus heads, and serve with Polonaise sauce round the base; arrange on the steak little bunches of finely scraped horseradish and lightly sprinkle it with chopped tarragon and chervil. The cauliflower should be cut into nice branches and have a little warm butter poured over it.