Little Fillets of Beef à l’Empereur

Petits Filets de Bœuf à l’Empereur


Take a piece of the fillet of beef and cut it in very small fillets and season with pepper and salt; cut little thin slices of calf’s liver to the same size as the fillets of beef; place the beef and calf’s liver together and lard them through with thin lardons of fat bacon to join them together; trim the lardons, pour a little warm butter over the beef, and grill or broil the fillets on straws for about eight to ten minutes on the liver side, and then place the grill on a baking tin in a hot oven for five to eight minutes to cook the top side; lightly glaze the fillets over with a little warm glaze, and sprinkle them with a few sliced mushrooms; dish them on a potato border, and serve with any nice green vegetable in the centre and Bordelaise sauce round.