Miroton of Beef

Miroton de Bœuf


Take two good sized Spanish or four ordinary onions, peel and slice them finely, put them in a sauté or frying pan with two ounces of butter or fat, season with a little pepper and salt, and put in with them a bunch of herbs; fry all together very gently for about fifteen or twenty minutes and till a nice golden colour, then mix into the pan one and a half tablespoonfuls of French vinegar, about three quarters of a pint of good brown sauce, a gill and a half of brown stock, and a pinch of castor sugar; let this boil on the stove for about twenty minutes, skimming off any of the fat that rises to the top; pass the sauce with the onions through the tammy. Put about two or three tablespoonfuls of the prepared sauce in the dish on which the miroton is to be served; place some thin slices of cold roast beef on the sauce in layers, pour the rest of the sauce over the top layer of the meat; sprinkle on it a few browned breadcrumbs; stand the dish containing the miroton in a tin containing boiling water, and place it in a good hot oven for about twelve to fifteen minutes; then garnish round the edge of the dish with peas, beans, cauliflowers, or any other nice vegetable, and serve directly it comes from the oven for a luncheon dish, or for a remove at dinner.

Mutton or veal can be treated in the same way.